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"Pebbles" has been a pioneer since its establishment in 2000. With ISO certification and adherence to international standards, Pebbles caters to children aged 1.5 to 6 years, offering comprehensive programs such as Play Group, Kindergarten, and Day Care. Conveniently located near workplaces and residences, Pebbles ensures accessibility to quality pre-school and day care facilities for all.

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Our unique program facilitates rapid adjustment for children and fosters a sense of belonging. Additionally, we assist them in discovering their own journey towards fulfillment while contributing to creating a better world


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We value open communication and collaboration with parents, as we believe it is essential for your child's educational journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ensuring safety, security, and hygiene are our top priorities at our Pre-Schools. We adhere to industry-leading standards, implementing CCTV surveillance, employing verified staff, and maintaining child-friendly facilities. Our stringent cleanliness protocols, including fumigation, pest control, and sanitized toilets, foster a safe and nurturing atmosphere for all.

At Pebbles Preschool, our curriculum is designed to foster holistic growth and development in children, encompassing linguistic, physical, socio-emotional, cognitive, and creative aspects. This approach aims to cultivate balanced individuals who can effectively regulate their thoughts, behaviors, and emotions.

At Pebbles Preschool, we prioritize personalized attention for your child by maintaining small batch sizes and a low teacher-to-student ratio. On average, this ratio is 1:10 in PlayGroup & Nursery, and 1:15 in Kindergarten, although it may vary slightly between centers.

At Pebbles Preschool, English is the primary language used for instructions and interaction. However, for children in PlayGroup and Nursery, communication will initially be in their regional language or mother tongue until they begin to grasp English.

T-shirts supplied by Pebbles are worn by children in PlayGroup to foster a feeling of inclusion while allowing them to wear what they find comfortable. In Nursery and Kindergarten (Pebbles Junior or Pebbles Senior), children are supplied with uniforms to wear to the pre-school.

Pebbles Preschool offers a range of amenities to support children's learning and development, including spacious classrooms, age-appropriate learning materials, indoor and outdoor play areas, nutritious meals, qualified and experienced educators, regular communication with parents, and a safe and nurturing environment conducive to growth and exploration.

Pebbles Pre-School's PlayGroup program fosters holistic development through hands-on discovery. Our tailored curriculum instills foundational skills in math, science, and language, promoting multi-disciplinary learning and nurturing individual interests.

Our Nursery program seamlessly integrates pre-reading, pre-writing, science, and social development, fostering gradual concept comprehension. With a focus on language proficiency, logical reasoning, mathematical aptitude, and scientific inquiry, our curriculum enhances cognitive abilities. Thematic monthly focuses and weekly topics guide engaging activities in art, music, dramatic play, and social interactions.

Pebbles Junior program prioritizes individualized growth, fostering environmental awareness and confidence in expression. Language development and mathematical sessions promote logical thinking, problem-solving, and creative skills, accelerating learning.

The Pebbles Senior program builds on the vocabulary and concepts learned in Pebbles Junior. Innovative methods are introduced to develop reading and writing skills, while math instruction is tailored to each child's learning pace through math labs. This approach enhances attention span and instills a passion for lifelong learning, preparing children confidently for first grade.